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 Best Service Alpine Volksmusik - Virtual Instrument (Download)  - Envío Gratis

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Best Service Alpine Volksmusik - Virtual Instrument (Download)

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  • 24 Alpine & Slovenian Instruments
  • Vocal Phrases & Yodeling
  • Multiple Articulations per Instrument
  • Powered by Free Best Service Engine 2
  • Key-Switches
  • Control Volume, Panning, Delay & More
  • Suitable for Polka & Balkan-Pop
  • Mac and Windows Compatibility
  • Standalone
  • AU & VST

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$ 2,965

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Available for download, Alpine Volksmusik from Best Service samples 24 instruments in one library to bring you the authentic sound of the Alps and Upper Carniola in one virtual instrument. Alpine Volksmusik has made use of world-renowned artists in recording these samples, covering a wide range of instruments from the baritone horn to the Zillertaler fiddle and everything in between—including yodeling. Powered by the Best Service Engine 2 player, this virtual instrument makes use of key-switches to trigger different articulations. Furthermore, the included Engine 2 allows you to adjust specific characteristics of each instrument to tailor it to your specific needs, giving you control over volume, panning, reverb, legato-phrasing, filters, delays, and more.

This library can be utilized to create authentic Alpine arrangements, to simulate backing-musicians for karaoke tracks, or to add the flavor of Slovenian music to your existing projects, and thus, is suitable for creating American polka arrangements and Balkan-pop soundscapes. This virtual instrument is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms, and can operate in standalone, AU, and VST formats.

Instrument and Articulations
  • Solo trumpet: Long, marcato, staccato
  • Trumpet ensemble: Sustain
  • Clarinet: Long, soft long
  • Baritone horn: Marcato, staccato
  • Bass trombone: Staccato, soft staccato, marcato, long
  • Guitar picking: Picking long, alternative single strum
  • Guitar chords: Major, minor, 7th, diminished, open
  • Nylon guitar bass: Picking long, picking short
  • Nylon guitar chords: Major, minor, 7th, diminished
  • Tuba: Staccato, marcato long
  • Accordions: Piccolo, musette, violin, and bassoon registers
  • Steirische A – D (diatonic button accordions): Sustain
  • Alpenschellen (alpine bells): Sustain
  • Drums (all): Various drum sounds & claps
  • Drumkit: Full drumkit
  • Dulcimer: Sustain
  • Zillertaler geige (fiddle): Long, marcato
  • Synth bass (CS01 & DX100): Sustain
  • Walzer bass: Sustain
  • Voice FX: vocal phrases, yodeling

General Requirements Internet connection for product activation required for any computer
Hard drive space according to the library size
System Requirements Mac
OS X 10.8 to 10.11
Intel Mac 2.0 GHz

Windows 7, 8, and 10, (32-/64-bit)
Pentium/Athlon XP 3.0 GHz
Supported Interfaces Standalone, AU, VST (Mac: 64-bit, Windows: 32-/64-bit)