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Best Service Chris Hein Horns Complete - Virtual Instrument (Download) - Envío Gratis

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Best Service Chris Hein Horns Complete - Virtual Instrument (Download)

FAB # 71594

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  • 44GB of Content
  • 54 Solo Instruments
  • 32 Section Instruments
  • Over 80,000 High-Quality Samples
  • 2,000 Samples per Instrument
  • 18 Different Playing Techniques
  • Convolution Reverb
  • Included Latest NI Kontakt Player
  • Mac OS X and Windows Compatibility
  • Standalone, AU, VST, and AAX

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$ 9,670

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Available for download, this electronic download of the Chris Hein Horns Complete from Best Service includes the Native Instruments Kontakt Player and is a complete virtual-instrument library of brass and woodwinds for jazz, pop, big-band, and funk. The collection features 54 solo instruments and 32 section instruments partitioned into four volumes containing different instruments designed to match each other.

Each solo instrument offers eight levels of velocity and 38 different articulations via hot-keys. Key-switching allows for easy access to different articulations and playing techniques from within a single patch, and each sample offers phase synchronization for naturalistic blending of velocity cross-fades. The customizable articulation presets allow for control over speed, panning, volume, and transpose parameters.

Additional features include a velocity fade filter, a transient designer, improved key-vibrato, two intelligent LFO-Vibrato types, assignable pitch-bend, and an improved graphical user interface that simplifies tweaking and editing. An optional iOS controller is available for the Hexlers TouchOSC app, which allows for recording of automation from an iPhone or iPad.


Included Instruments

Solo-Instruments (Vol. 1)
1 x Alto Sax Solo
1 x Tenor Sax Solo
1 x Trumpet Solo
1 x Trombone Solo
1 x Trumpet Section
1 x C-Flute
Brass & Woodwinds Section (Vol. 2)
3 x Alto Sax
2 x Tenor Sax
2 x Baritone Sax
4 x Trombone
2 x Bass-Trombone
3 x Sax Section
3 x Trumpet Section
3 x Trombone Section
Muted Brass (Vol. 3)
8 x Muted Trumpet
8 x Muted Trombone
7 x Trumpet Section
5 x Trombone Section
More Brass & Woodwinds (Vol. 4)
1 x Eb-Clarinet, Bb-Clarinet, Bass-Clarinet, Contrabass-Clarinet
2 x Soprano Sax, Bass-Sax, ContraBass-Sax
4 x Flugelhorn
2 x F-Tuba, Cimbasso, Alphorn
16 Solo-Instruments
10 Section-Combinations
Main Features
2,000 samples per instrument
44GB of content
18 different playing techniques
All playing techniques in one program
Up to 8 velocities per note
72 control-features in 11 edit-pages
6 DSP effects
21 convolution reverbs
Key-Switch Presets, Hot-Keys, Key-Vibrato, Legato and Glide Mode, Growl-Control

General Requirements 1 GB free drive space for player installation
Additional 44 GB hard drive for full installation
Internet connection for product download and activation required (on any computer)
Mac System Requirements OS X 10.9 to 10.11
Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
Windows System Requirements Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (latest SP, 32-/64-bit)
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2
4 GB RAM (6 GB recommended)
Format Compatibility Standalone, Audio Units, VST, AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or higher)