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Big Fish Audio DVD: First Call Horns


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Big Fish Audio's DVD: First Call Horns is powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt Player engine, which is included on the disc. This provides instant integration with all major sequencers such as Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, Cubase, and others.

Finally, horns from a modern perspective. No longer do you have to rely on orchestral brass for your horn needs. Until now, jazz- or rock-oriented horn libraries have been almost non-existent. Pop, Latin, jazz, big band, and rock n' roll horns are all here, with unprecedented sound quality and programming. You get trumpets (played open as well as with various mutes), soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxes, trombones (including mutes), flugelhorn and French horn. Instruments are presented in both solo and section contexts with chromatic samples, plus we've thrown in a ton of riffs, combinations and improvisations. This must-have VI library will be your first call for modern horns, and is one more reason Big Fish Audio's Virtual Instrument Division is filling the real needs of musicians the world over.

9 solo instruments
7 section instruments
21 improvisation and riff patches
Numerous different articulations for every instrument
8 combination patches such as Alto Sax and Trumpet and Trombone FPSwell
Compatibility Compatible with AU, Battery, Cubase, Digital Performer, DXi2, EXS24, GarageBand, GigaSampler, Gigastudio 3, HALion, Kontakt, Logic, Mac, MachFive, Nuendo, PC, ProTools, Receptor, RTAS, and VSTi