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Boris FX Final Effects Complete 7 Upgrade for Adobe (Download) - Envío Gratis

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Boris FX Final Effects Complete 7 Upgrade for Adobe (Download)


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  • 120+ Designer Effects and Transitions
  • Compatible with After Effects & Premiere
  • New Transitions and Diff. Blend Filters
  • Upgraded Existing Filters
  • Transitions, Perspective, Stylize, Time
  • Blur & Sharpen, Color Correction, Edges
  • Distortion, Image, Light, Particle
  • Matting/Masking Tool, Motion Tracking

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$ 4,335

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Boris FX Final Effects Complete 7 for Adobe, also known as Final Effects Complete 7 AE, is a collection of 120+ designer effects and transitions filters for After Effects and Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5.x, and CS4 (Mac and Windows). Boris has added several new transitions filters in FEC 7 but has also upgraded most of the existing filters. The filters are easy to use and allow you to quickly create unique, organic looks. Create 3D particle effects like Hair and Bubbles, auto-animating transitions such as Light Wipe, edge treatments such as Sparkle Edges, and much, much more. Choose from a selection of varied filters, including color correction and distortion filters.

Providing for a comprehensive workflow, FEC 7 also features sophisticated technologies such as a matting and masking tool, built-in motion tracking, on-screen overlay widgets, Beat Reactor for audio-driven effects creation, and Compare Mode to compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source in a side-by-side or split-screen view. This upgrade edition is valid for users with any previous version of FEC.

Nota: Although some Final Effects Complete filters share the same name with select filters in other Boris FX packages, they are different, although in some cases they are similar.

New In Final Effects Complete 7 
Final Effects Complete 7 for Adobe features 32-bit float support, integration with After Effects mask path controls, new Beat Reactor integration for Premiere Pro, and 10 new filters and transitions. 

New Transitions
  • Difference Wipe 
  • Glow Dissolve 
  • Spiral Blur 
  • Threshold Dissolve 
  • Threshold RGB Dissolve 
  • Toner Dissolve 
  • Turbulent Dissolve 
  • Vector Blur Dissolve 
  • Water Waves Dissolve 

After Effects Mask Path Integration
FEC's Glue Gun, Mr. Mercury, Hair, Glass, and Ball Action are now able to follow After Effects mask paths, facilitating creation of "write-on"-style effects. 

New Difference Blend Filter
Difference Blend is a new filter that replaces the pixels in the bottom layer of video with the corresponding pixels in the top layer of video, giving the appearance that the top image was painted over the bottom image. 

Beat Reactor Technology
Now available for both After Effects and Premiere Pro, Beat Reactor allows you to easily generate audio-driven effects. It's built into the following filters: Directional Blur, Spiral Blur, Vector Blur, Color Offset, Threshold (RGB), Bender, Bend It, Bulge, Flo Motion, Lens, Split, Tiler, Power Ramp, Glow, Kaleida, Video Fragment 

32-Bit Float Support
32-Bit Float Precision Color Rendering is now supported, allowing for even smoother blurs, transitions, and other effects while providing a high-quality final image.
Full Filter List 
Full list of filters included in Final Effects Complete 7 for Adobe: 

Blur and Sharpen
  • Blur 
  • Channel blur 
  • Chroma Luma 
  • Directional Blur 
  • Rectangular Scale Wipe 
  • Sharpen 
  • Soften 
  • Spin Blur 
  • Spiral Blur 
  • Unsharp Mask 
  • Vector Blur 
  • Zoom Blur 

Color Correction
  • Brightness Contrast 
  • Color Balance (HSL) 
  • Color Balance (RGB) 
  • Color Offset 
  • Gamma Pedestal Gain 
  • Invert 
  • Replace Color 
  • Threshold (RGB) 
  • Threshold 
  • Tint 
  • Toner 

  • Bend It 
  • Bender 
  • Bulge 
  • EZ Lazy Waves 
  • EZ Ripples 
  • Flo Motion 
  • Griddler 
  • Lens 
  • Power Point 
  • Ripple Pulse 
  • Slant Matte 
  • Slant 
  • Slant Matte 
  • Smear 
  • Spherize 
  • Split 
  • Split 2 
  • Tiler 
  • Twirl 
  • Water Waves 

  • Burn Edges 
  • Gradient Blur 
  • Power Ramp 
  • Sparkle Edges 
  • Spot Blur 
  • Spot Feather 
  • Spot Frame 
  • Spot Tatter 
  • Spot Turbulence 
  • Wiggle Edges 

  • Alpha Map 
  • Channel Noise 
  • Composite 
  • Median 
  • MinMax 
  • Noise 
  • Simple Wire Removal 

  • Light Blast 
  • Light Burst 
  • Light Rays 
  • Light Sweep 
  • Light Tornado 
  • Light Whirl 
  • Spotlight 

  • Ball Action 
  • Bubbles 
  • Drizzle 
  • Hair 
  • Mr. Mercury 
  • Particle System II 
  • Particle World 
  • Pixel Polly 
  • Rain 
  • Snow 
  • Star Burst 

  • Advanced 3D 
  • Cylinder 
  • Page Turn 
  • Simple Shadow 
  • Sphere 
  • Super Shadow 

  • 3D Relief 
  • Blobbylize 
  • Burn Film 
  • Emboss 
  • Fractal 
  • Glass 
  • Glow 
  • Glue Gun 
  • Kaleida 
  • Lens Star 
  • Mr. Smoothie 
  • Reptile 
  • Scatterize 
  • Video Fragment 

  • Forced Motion Blur 
  • Time Blend 
  • Time Blend FX 
  • Wide Time 

  • Blur Dissolve 
  • Glass Wipe 
  • Griddler Wipe 
  • Grid Wipe 
  • Image Wipe 
  • Jaws 
  • Lens Wipe 
  • Light Wipe 
  • Pin Wipe 
  • Radial Scale Wipe 
  • Rain Wipe 
  • RGB Dissolve 
  • Scale Wipe 
  • Slant Wipe 
  • Spherize Wipe 
  • Super Dissolve 
  • Twister

Host Compatibility Adobe After Effects CC, CS6, CS5.x, and CS4 
Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5.x, and CS4
Supported Graphics Cards Any card supported by the host application