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NewBlueFX Elements 3 Ultimate (Download) - Envío Gratis

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NewBlueFX Elements 3 Ultimate (Download)


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  • 21 Effects and Over 250 Presets
  • Plugs into Major Editing Software
  • Active Camera, Alpha Processor, Auto Pan
  • Background Generator, Chroma Key Pro
  • Cut Away, Drop Shadow, Luma Key
  • Flying Picture-in-Picture, Garbage Matte
  • Gradient Fill Pro, Image Mapper, Outline
  • Picture Grid, Picture-in-Picture, Tile
  • Reflection, Split Screen, Time Clock
  • For Windows and OS

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$ 4,188

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Automate and accelerate compositing tasks with NewBlueFX Elements 3 Ultimate. This software - compatible with both OS X and Windows - works as a plugin with major video editing software, including Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, and more. It features over 250 presets spread across 21 video effects.

Includes 21 Video Effects 

Active Camera 
Simulate camera movements to imitate a jittery hand-held camera
Alpha Processor 
Manipulate alpha channel assets and create countless looks
Auto Pan 
Zoom in and out on stills or video to highlight a moment or object
Background Generator 
Create a soft, magnified backdrop of your original image
Chroma Key Pro 
Remove solid colors and convert them to alphas or create outlines and shadows
Cut Away 
Use various shapes and outlines to magnify a selected region
Drop Shadow 
Create a shadow for overlays on any keying effect or animated matte
Flying Picture-in-Picture 
Create a picture-in-picture that adds emphasis to scenes without keyframing
Garbage Matte 
Limit the area on your image where other effects in the chain can display
Gradient Fill Pro 
Manipulate, boost, or completely alter the color of both your image and text
Image Mapper 
Simulate screens and overlay video on top of objects
Luma Key 
Manipulate lighting to blend an overlaying clip into a backdrop
Create multicolored glows around text, objects, or people
Picture Grid 
Create a variety of different frames within your picture
Add 3D geometry, borders, shadows, and reflections to selective clips within your video
Layer one scene over another within a flexible four-point mask
Create and control a mirrored reflection of your image
Split Screen 
Display two shots at once with a variety of preset options
Replicate your video into a grid-like wall
Time Clock 
Choose from a variety of presets to overlay a running timer on your screen
Simulate the on-screen display of a video camera recording

General Features 

GPU Acceleration 
Each of Element's 3's plugins leverages the power of your graphics card to provide the fastest performance possible. Native CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenGL engines allow Elements 3 to maximize the performance of your graphics card, regardless of which NLE you use
Resolution Independent 
Whether editing HD, 4K or 5K, Elements 3's plugins are resolution independent, so that the format you use processes in the native resolution of your project
Full Customization 
Gain complete control over timing, velocity, blending modes, and more with every plugin, which provide a full range of parameters for each effect. Save time while developing your own style by creating your own customized looks to use again and again
Titler Pro Compatible 
In addition to working with major NLEs, the plugins also work with Tilter Pro to give you even more custom control over the look of your titles
System Requirements
Operating System OS X: 10.6.8, 10.7.2 or later
Windows XP: SP 3 or later 
Windows Vista: SP 2 or later
Windows 7
RAM Minimum: 1 GB
Recommended for HD: 2 GH
CPU Minimum: 1 GHz
Recommended for HD: Multicore or multiprocessor
Disk Space Minimum: 200 MB free space for installation
Recommended for HD: 512
Graphics Hardware OpenGL 2.1-capable graphics card and minimum 256 MB graphics memory
Supported Host Applications
Supported Host Applications Adobe After Effects: 7.0 or later
Adobe Premiere Pro: CS6/6.5, CC
Apple Final Cut Pro X
Avid Media Composer and Symphony: 6 or later
Black Magic DaVinci Resolve
Grass Valley EDIUS 7
NewBlue Titler Pro 1
NewBlue Titler Pro 2
NewBlue Titler Pro 3
NewBlue Titler Pro AE
NewBlue Titler Pro Live for Wirecast
Sony Vegas Pro: 10 or later (64-bit, OpenX support required)