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Eventide UltraReverb Crossgrade - Reverb Plug-In (Download) - Envío Gratis

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Eventide UltraReverb Crossgrade - Reverb Plug-In (Download)


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  • Crossgrade From Anthology (II or X)
  • Crossgrade From Eventide Reverb (TDM/MassivePack)
  • Based on H8000 UltraHarmonizer Hardware
  • 9 Hardware-Based Algorithms
  • 300+ Presets
  • Compressor
  • Delay
  • EQ
  • AAX Native, Audio Units, VST
  • Mac OS X, Windows

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$ 1,474

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UltraReverb from Eventide is an algorithmic reverb plug-in that reflects the culmination of more than thirty-five years of Eventide's reverb R&D. Modeled after the H800 UltraHarmonizer using nine algorithms, UltraReverb offers a flexible reverb solution with integrated compression, delay, EQ, and over 300 presets. 

Nota: This crossgrade is for registered owners of Anthology (II or X) or Eventide Reverb (TDM / MassivePack) who wish to add the UltraReverb Native plug-in. The user's iLok account is needed for authorizing the product but a physical iLok2 is not required.

Halls, Chambers, Rooms, Plates, and Ambience derived from Eventide's flagship hardware processor, the H8000 UltraHarmonizer
Create acoustically natural or other-worldly environments
Over 300 presets for mixing, mastering, post production, and sound design
Includes artist presets designed by top engineers and recording professionals
No physical iLok key required
Session compatible with Eventide Reverb HD/TDM from the Anthology II bundle
Stereo Delays (pre or post reverb) with Tempo sync to lock delays with session tempo
Compressor (pre or post reverb) with key input
Pre-EQ, Post-EQ, Reverb EQ and Delay EQ - four independent 3-band parametric equalizers
Reverb Tail Randomization based on the H949 Harmonizer Random setting
Modulation Rate and Depth controls
LoFi control for subtle grit or for all out mangling
System Requirements
OS X 10.7+
Host software that supports AAX Native, Audio Units or VST plug-in formats

Windows 7+
Host software that supports AAX Native or VST plug-in formats